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From my friend at the Save America Foundation, Fred Brownbill

9/11/12.  A day of shame to our nation.
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Did you know THIS?  Click on the link at the bottom of this article after reading it.  It certainly explains why our American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, knowing that an attack on the Benghazi Embassy was going down, BEGGED Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (at this stage what does it matter?) for 12 extra security personnel to add to the 12 that he had during a conference call with the State Department on August 15, 2012. What did Hillary Clinton DO? What was her response to his SERIOUSLY URGENT REQUEST?   She not only did NOT add the 12 that he was pleading for, but she withdrew 6 of the 12 that he already had, leaving him with 3 in Tripoli and 3 in Benghazi !! She arranged to allow the security of our Embassy and staff to fall to an al Qaeda backed small armed group of third world terrorists! 

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That’s much more than ‘mere’ dereliction of duty! That’s being a co-conspiratorial accessory to murder, isn’t it? There was worse to come from both S.O.S. Hillary Clinton and our usurper in the Peoples’ House, the C.I.C. Barrack Hussein Obama. Why can’t anyone yet see that Hillary’s top priority was to make sure that Ambassador Stevens was utterly defenseless?  The kidnapping plot was apparently supposed to be swift and bloodless. If not, then there is no other explanation for why Stevens and his staff at the Benghazi compound didn’t have at the very least 24 heavily armed U.S. Marines around the perimeter and within the facility as we do in every other Embassy around this sick globe. 
Will these questions and others such as on the Obama Administrations gun running to al Qaeda terrorist groups there ever actually be asked in the upcoming investigation on Benghazi? 
Will all those that were involved in this terrible plot be held to answer in a court of law for their crimes, regardless to their positions in this Administration? 
Will all those involved be arrested and tried by a Jury of their peers for murder and treason regardless to their positions should they be found by the investigators to have a case to answer? 
If found guilty will all those involved in these heinous murders actually face the penalty prescribed under law for treason and murder, which is death, regardless to their position?
Will America do the right thing here regardless to the culprits positions? 
I am not holding my breath that even the real questions will be asked or that anyone will actually be made to answer and take responsibility and face the legal consequences for this heinous act against fellow Americans.
Look at these facts:   There is also absolutely NO defense as to why, during the run up to the actual attack (which the White House knew was coming) and during the actual attack that there was no rescue attempt.  We had a lot of assetts within a few hours of Benghazi.  We had Generals and an Admiral with troops and special force operatives ready to go, who were ordered to stand down.  When they queried the orders they were immediately relieved of duty and of their commands. 
We had AC 130s Spectre air gun platforms in the immediate area, we had drones which were armed, we had armed and ready military personel  including Special Force operatives based in Italy and other areas and all were ready to go plus there was assorted other air support within a short flight time from Benghazi. 

AC 130 spectre

We had two, extremely brave former Navy SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, then working as CIA operatives,  who ran to the embassy and were responsible for saving many lives and recovering the body of Sean Smith, a computer annalist from the embassy . They fought bravely against great odds, receiving incoming small arms fire and mortar fire for 8 hours…yes, that is EIGHT HOURS.  This scribe has been in military gun battles that lasted several hours and it was extremely exhausting, hard, dirty and mind numbing at times and I cannot imagine fighting an enemy for 8 hours, lazering (painting) the site from where the mortar attacks that would eventually kill them were coming from expecting a drone or other attack on that site, asking repeatedly for support and after some hours knowing that their country, led by their so called Commander In Chief Barack Hussein Obama, had knowingly and by planning abandoned them all to die in that God forsaken hell hole to cover up the crimes committed. 
We allowed four good Americans to die that night.  Ambassador Stevens, former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and annalyst Sean Smith.  They are all heroes.  I believe it was a planned assassination by the Obama Administration as Ambassador Stevens knew too much about the gun running operation that Obama had allowed to our mortal enemies, an al Qaeda based terrorist group, knowing that one day those weapons would be used against our own boys and girls in uniform and also most likely against our only ally in the region, Israel.
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For three hours after the burnt, raped (in the case of our Ambassador), beaten, shot and damaged bodies of our four brave Americans were located, collected and bought to the air field, no plane was even dispatched to collect them. For THREE HOURS.  Even then this Administration did not do the right and respectful thing and retrieve and return the bodies in a timely manner.
Folks.  There is no other word we can use other than treason, and if America is ever going to begin to heal and become the Nation we once were, this act of treason must be fully and independantly examined and we must have the strengh and unity to demand that we do the right thing.  Those involved must face justice or surely, as a Nation, we can never again hold our heads up and say we are a Nation of laws and  morals.  Never again can we hold up our heads and be a shining example to the rest of the world.
America, I plead of you.  Contact every law maker you know. Do it regularly.  Get your friends, family and social media buddies to do the same. Let us strike while the iron is hot.  The information about this whole cover up, the lies told by this Administration, the prepared lies about a 10 minute, low grade, amateur anti-islamic film on You Tube being the reason for this sudden and unexpected attack on American soil,  is coming out daily and will be unstoppable if we continue shouting out about it and demanding answers to the tough questions.  How the producer of that stupid, extremely low grade video with under 200 counted hits then faced and served jail time as part of the cover up. 


Lets show this Administration and others yet to serve, that we, the people, are NOT GOING to take the corruption and lies from our elected officials any more.  They must understand, regardless to their position, even small town officials, state and city officials, federal officials, judges, County Sheriffs etc. that if they run for office, if they are elected, that their first duty is to the Constitution as the ultimate law of this land.  Show them that when they take the Oath of Office, it sure better mean something to them and if they break it, in any way, there will be consequences.  We must insist on it as is our duty and right as American citizens.
Folks, May 16th is D Day. The start of Operation American Spring.  The day that millions of Americans from all walks of life, take to and stay in the streets of slime central (Washington DC) to demand answers and the resignation of the most corrupt, evil and dangerous Administration this great country has ever had the misfortune to have.  This could be the very last oportunity that this nation, which right now is at its’ most divided, can turn the country back to a Constitutional Republic, one where our children and their children can once again live the American dream and once more the world can look to us as an example of all that is right about us.  I fear that should Operation American Spring fail, that chance of peaceful change will be lost for ever.  Should that happen I fear that bloodshed will not be far behind.  I hope to see you all there, on the Mall, with Col. Riley and myself. 


Fear not, we have God and we have right on our side, and with those two in our corner, failure in the long term cannot be the outcome.

The above is just my opinion America,
In Liberty,   Fred Brownbill.  Oath Keeper, III%, supporter/participant of Operation American Spring. 
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