Monday, May 5, 2014

We're all racists now! ....David Risselada

I knew from the moment that my professor sat in her bully pulpit, and declared that people whose families voted against Obama did so because they were old fashioned and "RACIST," that there was a larger agenda at work. I had already suspected, seeing as though I was accused several times of being racist for disagreeing with Obama, and for that matter,  understanding that the democrats controlled the house and senate before he was even elected. I had to throw that in there because I was actually being called a racist by people who didn't understand how our government worked. This occurred at the same time I was learning about "white privilege" while attending Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I figured out real quick, by the way these people admired Marx, Alisnky, Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger that they were socialists. It also became very obvious to me that the game of "racial identity politics" was the weapon of choice. You see, the profession of social work involves community organizing, so I know by the nature of my education that community organizers intentionally try to create chaos to incite revolutionary change, and accusing all white people of being privileged, while ensuring minorities remain enslaved to government dependence, is one way to do this.

Last week I wrote an article entitled "The word racist is communist propaganda," in which I described how Leon Trotsky was able to label a whole indigenous population as being "racist" simply for wanting to preserve their own cultural identity. It was a tactic designed to get them out of the way, as they presented a barrier to achieving communist goals.  By accusing them of being haters he was able to dehumanize them, by dehumanizing them, he created the justification for murder. 

Fast forward to the United States of America 2014; it is now considered racist by some to fly our own flag in our own country. Today, as protesters waved Old Glory in defiance of a California school banning it on Cinco De Mayo, people responded by calling them racist for doing so. There are some things that simply cannot be tolerated, and in my opinion this is one of those things, but I digress, for now. The truth is these people had a right to protest. This was the result of the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals siding with Mexican students who threatened violence against kids wearing an American flag shirt on Cinco De Mayo in 2010. What the court is really saying is that these people are a bunch of cry babies who have no respect for our culture. Thats the truth, and if saying it makes me a racist so be it!

Again, to realize the depth of this you have to understand that racial strife is the agenda. Many of you do understand of course, but what I think alludes most people is the lengths they go to in the colleges to convince people that America is oppressive, and only white people benefit from her wealth and system of government. They are truly teaching people that the nation is built upon a foundation of racism, and they repeat the lie often enough that no matter how many times you expose them to a different explanation, or tell them the truth about the Democrats racist past, they go with their programming. We know of course, this is your Pavlovian conditioning at work. Here is where you need to pay attention. Everyone knows that the young liberal type college kids are likely to be the ones to stage violent protests in order to right some "perceived social injustice" their socialist college professor told them about, just look at Occupy Wall Street.  Even here in Tulsa Oklahoma, school teachers encouraged their students to join them in a protest at the state capital to demand more money for their salaries! The teachers were to dumb to know that the school administration was planning on keeping that money for themselves, which of course makes the teachers, useful idiots. This brings me to my point. The education system has been reformed in order to make all of our children little Democrat activists. This is as much a communist tactic as accusing people of racism. Like usual, I would like to refer you to the 45  goals of the communist Party.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of American tradition; that students and special interest  should rise up and use united force to solve economic, social and political problems.

America, they are deliberately causing racial strife in order to create chaos. Its the perfect blend of poison and deceit because not only does our reaction to being called racist put us in a reactionary mode, our reaction itself convinces the opposition to believe that it's true. The more we defend our culture and our identity, the more we are viewed as being people standing in the way of something better. Just as was the case in the old Soviet Union when Leon Trotsky employed racism as a warfare tactic.

In an article entitled "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition," the authors claim that conservatives  justify racism by refusing to change from their old, rigid ideological ways. By refusing to depart from a system that justifies racism, we are mentally ill. This is the kind of trash our kids are being fed in college, and we stand for it. Then we act surprised when everyone calls us racist without even understanding the words real past. Society is being conditioned to believe that certain groups in America are standing in the way of progress and "Utopia." When this type of hatred is being intentionally fermented, there can only be one result.

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