Monday, May 5, 2014

Gods not dead, whether people believe it or not.

I’m not in the business of being a movie critic; in fact I rarely go see any movies at all. The reason is because I know that Hollywood is full of liberals who have more in common with hard-line communists than anyone who would stand for the truth, or anything "pro American" for that matter. For many of us, this is obvious just by watching the message embedded in many of today’s films; however, the communists actually outlined a strategic goal to control Hollywood, in order to use movie making to control our perceptions. It was listed as one of 45 communist goals that were entered into the congressional record in the 1960's. (This is what Joseph McCarthy was warning people about.) If you haven't yet come across this list of commie objectives, you simply must read it; it will send a "warm and fuzzy" right up your spine.

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