Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm no journalist but I try......David Risselada

I often struggle with the idea that I ought to be writing more objective news pieces as opposed to commentary. After all, it is the news of the day that often grabs the attention of those craving information, which leads to objective news stories usually being the most popular on any given website. The opinion filled commentary pieces that I write often revolve around "vast left wing conspiracies" and usually, they aren't as popular. They are however; based on facts that I have researched myself; I am not "simply making things up" as some of my critics have suggested. I try to take relevant current events and connect them to actual attempts to subvert our constitution, or to information that is historically applicable.

The problem with writing objectively is that its just so boring, and to be honest with you, there is little to no chance that I could write about a current news story without going on some tirade pointing out the relationship to a communist plot to brainwash us all, so I avoid it. A good example would be trying to write about Rand Paul's latest stance on voter ID laws. There is no way I could write objectively about that without calling him a communist infiltrator, well, because at this point, I am convinced that is what he is. Why else would he be advocating a cause that only helps the Democrats?

I also feel that the traditional news stories really don't challenge your thinking. All they do is tell you what happened, who it happened to, why it happened and how the Democrats believe it is the Republicans fault. The media has become in and of itself, a principle agent of social change for the left, and if you are out to report the news, I'm sorry, but you are going to have to resort to citing whoever controls the narrative; and we all know who that is. Im not saying there isnt good right wing news reporters writing outstanding stories, there are. They are simply better at being objective than I am, so I stick to what I am good at.

I like to think I am writing pieces that serve as the antithesis of the lefts social change efforts. Being educated in the field of community organizing by people who view Alinsky as the next messiah, I feel I have developed some good insight into the left wing agenda. The approach I take to writing commentary is based solely on my experience of being in the company of actual left wing radicals for nearly four years. I feel an urgency to share this insight with my readers because the truth is, there is a vast communist conspiracy working against you. 

With all of this being said, I want to jump on the topic that inspired this little rant, I thought it would set the stage fairly well. 

Many people in the liberty movement like to hang on to famous quotes from our founders. One of the most popular ones is from Thomas Jefferson. "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty." I'm sorry folks but I am going to have to challenge this logic  a bit. The first part of this statement is definitely true, people should never have to fear their governments. Governments should ideally be the protector of the peoples liberty, not an enemy of freedom. We have a government that is earning nothing but fear from the population as they continually lie cheat and steal to usurp our God given rights to self governance. They can only do this with the "consent of the governed," which is why there is such an effort to inundate us with propaganda. They are conditioning us to view the changes they want as being preferable to the system we currently live under. That is tyranny.

The second half of Jefferson's quote is a little inaccurate, in my opinion. The reason I say this is because everything the government is doing is motivated by a fear of "we the people." They are desperate to get as much of their agenda accomplished before the vast majority of us "wake up," because they know that if all of us caught on, we would never stand for it. They are deathly afraid of us folks, and that is why the United States is rapidly turning into a police state. Jeffersons quote is wrong because when a corrupt government fears the people they turn their guns on the innocent to cover up their crimes and their treason. When a government believes it cant trust those that have entrusted them with power, to be equally powerful, that government cant be trusted. When a government doesn't trust the citizenry with weapons, its because they are afraid. If a government fears its own people its because that government knows it has done its citizenry wrong. This is America in the twenty first century.

We have a government that is so corrupted, so immersed in lies and scandals; every move they make is a deceptive attempt to cover up more lies. The only thing either party cares about is keeping one group of people blind to their failures, while selling lies and promises that cant be kept to another. In an effort to ensure they retain their ill gotten power they are establishing a massive police state to keep us in fear of them, and in response, we are preparing for what we all hope will never come; the final push.

Jefferson's famous quote could contain more truth  if government would learn to respect the rights of the citizenry. Its surprising, considering Jeffersons own experience fighting tyranny, that he didn't have the foresight to see the error in his thinking. King George certainly wasn't afraid of a few rebellious colonists, not initially anyways. Perhaps our government has lost respect for our rights because we have forgotten how to stand up for them. The high school bully never fights back against a fighter, he only bullies those that cower to his demands. Sadly, I don't think that our government has any intentions of showing us respect, or retreating from their globalist agenda. We have to realize that the more we stand for our rights, the more determined they will become. The more we prove them wrong and expose them for the frauds they are, the more desperate they will become also. We certainly live in volatile times my friends. Wasnt this better than some boring news story?

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