Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ferguson False Narrative Continues to Ignite Racial Unrest......By Dr. Fred

With all of the recent false narratives we’re being hit with, as well as the penchant for emotionalism over truth, it is difficult to come to terms with all that’s being thrown at us these days. With four Congressional representatives raising their hands in the “hands up, don’t shoot” false narrative, members of the St. Louis Rams team doing the same, it has become clear that many simply refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation that occurred between robbery suspect Mike Brown and police officer Darren Wilson.
Imagine how quickly this would change if people simply recognized the truth and embraced it. Instead, they act as though truth is non-existent or possibly, to be more accurate, they act as if truth is what they decide it to be.
blackswhitekilledbycopsFor instance, FOX News did some research and found that – according to the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice – facts do not support the false narrative that is being foisted upon us these days. That doesn’t matter to people who believe that FOX lies. Instead of doing their own research to determine whether or not what FOX has reported is true, they simply shrug the information off immediately, considering the source.
As can be seen by the image above, police killings of blacks is down 70% over the past 50 years (from 2012). Moreover, while 123 blacks were killed by police in 2012, there were 326 whites killed by police during the same period. What are we to make of this? Based on this, it would seem that the meme “black lives matter” isn’t accurate because people want us to believe that more black men are killed by police than whites. This isn’t the case at all, yet this is what we’re being told repeatedly by those who have no difficulty ignoring the truth.
foxstatsBy the same token, in the other image I’ve included with this article, we learn that even though blacks make up 13% of the entire population, 5,375 murders in 2013 were committed by blacks. During the same year, 4,396 murders were committed by whites. But because of the low percentage of population by blacks, that 5,375 number is by far much larger.
At any rate, these are not the stats that we hear. What we are hearing is that “black lives matter” (as if lives of other ethnicities don’t), based on the errant belief that many more blacks are killed each year by police than whites killed by police.
The constant lies that are foisted on Americans allow St. Louis Rams to take the field with their hands raised above their heads in memory of Mike Brown. We can see several black Democrat lawmakers in Congress do the same thing. We are experiencing rioting, looting, and an amazing level of destruction in Ferguson, MO.
Beyond this, we see people being harassed by protesters as they try to shop. One mother and daughter who were being harassed at Target, needed police assistance to leave the store. Where was security?
Protesters have also taken to blocking freeways and other roadways to inconvenience motorists as if this will make any difference at all. In one video I say, protesters were blocking the freeway completely on both sides not far from District of Columbia. The worst part was that police were there and did nothing to remove the protesters.
But again, all of this is based on several lies. The first lie is that Mike Brown was facing Officer Darren Wilson, standing there and had his hands up in surrender. This is a blatant lie that continues to be perpetrated by other liars and racists.
The second lie is that whites and especially white police officers go out of their way to hunt down and kill black men. Statistics simply do not bear this out, but those who are not interested in truth and much more interested in pushing their false narrative couldn’t care less about actual statistics.
Any truth that does not perpetrate the false narrative simply is not used as part of the equation by leftists and racists alike. At all costs, it must be shown that whites are racist, that blacks are being constantly profiled by police, that racism is alive and well in America. Because of this, things cannot be done the way Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did things in the past. Today’s alleged entrenched racism requires desperate means.
The means by which today’s level of alleged racism is dealt with is through lies, which requires force, anger, and protests designed to scare people (whites mainly) into submission. One would think that since blacks represent only 13% of America’s population, they might want to think again.
However, we already know that several teens have killed a white male near Ferguson with hammers. But don’t worry because there’s nothing racial about it, even though these same teens were heard yelling about “killing whites” moments before. What do you want to bet that they won’t be charged with hate crime either.
This is today’s America and it exists because of LIES. Truth is verboten unless it supports the narrative. This is how far we’ve fallen, America.
We can only change it by continuing to tell the truth and forcing everyone to hear it.

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