Thursday, December 4, 2014

“Not White” Cop Bron Cruz Cleared In Dillon Taylor Shooting.....By Janna B.

Where are the riots in Salt Lake City over the shooting of Dillon Taylor by “not white” police officer Bron Cruz? There are no riots in Salt Lake because the shooting victim was white. What about the officer who shot Taylor? When asked about the officer’s identity, police chief said he was “not a white officer.” This is insane. One can’t even identify a person as black in 2014 for fear of politically correct repercussions. Dillon Taylor’s shooting occurred in around the same time as another famous case that everyone this side of Heaven has heard of, the case of Sainted black teenager Mike Brown, shot to death by white cop Darren Wilson.
But Taylor’s case will NEVER make a real mainstream headline, or inspire any real outrage, no matter what transpired. Taylor was white, and the cop who shot him Bron Cruz, was “not white” but black. No matter how similar the cases, except for Taylor not charging at the officer, this case will never make headlines for this reason alone, since all that matters in America is race. Officer Bron Cruz was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting and here is the video from the incident.
As one can clearly see from the video, Dillon Taylor did not put his hands up when Officer Bron Cruz told him to and he was fatally shot. Case closed. Would the case of Mike Brown have ended differently had Officer Darren Wilson had a body camera on? Possibly, but this is giving people the benefit of the doubt in being able to process RATIONAL thought. Clearly, in today’s society rational thought is not something that masses are capable of. Truth is not wanted, and it means nothing in forming people’s opinions, as today’s individual lives and breathes solely based on emotion.
One important note, if what went down in this video happened in the Mike Brown/ Darren Wilson case, there would be even more chaos in Ferguson, if that is possible. This incident would cause an unimaginable uproar because there would be video evidence that the officer shot without hesitation after one warning was issued to the suspect. As reports on the Taylor and Brown cases.
Some of the details are similar: An unarmed young man. An officer who says the suspect refused to follow orders and behaved in a threatening manner. A decision not the charge the officer with any crime, despite an outcry from some in the community.
But there are also some key differences:  Suspect Dillon Taylor, 20, was white. And in the Salt Lake City shooting, the officer wore a body camera that captured the entire incident.
The District Attorney vindicated Officer Cruz’s actions, saying he did nothing wrong. He acted in a manner that the situation called for. Did he? This is the difference between white and black America. Whites will not protest this case, because it’s “racist” to question such a decision. White guilt and white privilege make it impossible for whites to speak out against any perceived injustice.
photoBut yet, hypocritically, it is okay for black trash and anarchist protestors to literally level their city, and burn up police cars because they’re upset with a similar decision in the Mike Brown case. Officer Wilson was faced with something much more terrifying than Officer Cruz. He had to contend with a 6’4″, nearly 300 lb “gentle giant” bum rushing him, aiming to kill him, and he shot him. His actions were vindicated by a grand jury and witnesses who backed up Officer Wilson’s story. One such witness, DeAndre Joshua, a friend of key witness Dorian Johnson, was shot dead and burned to death in his car on Tuesday, November 24, 2014. Was he likely killed for telling the truth about what happened to Brown? Yes, and the media buried the story, claiming it was a casualty of the protests.
But lost in the shuffle is Dillon Taylor. One cannot even find a picture of Officer Bron Cruz in a Google search, except from those taken from in his squad car. There might actually be a picture, but it is hard to be certain if it is him or another person with the same name. On the other hand, Officer Darren Wilson’s picture is plastered on every news site imaginable. His address was published by the New York Times. Does anyone think the reporters would publish Officer Bron Cruz’s address? Never.
Officers said Taylor then quickly moved his hands up from his waistband, prompting Cruz to shoot him in the chest and stomach.
Taylor died at the scene, and his blood alcohol level read .18, well above the legal limit of point .08. He had no weapon on him. But he expressed suicidal thoughts in the days leading up to the incident. His death might be a mild controversy amongst conservatives right now, but this will die down, because the powers that be deem it so. They are stirring the pot to create chaos and unrest so as to cause a revolution, one that ends in socialism.
One must realize that the Obama Administration wants the people disarmed and the police force nationalized. Thus, as David R writes, all the power of law enforcement would be under the control of the federal government. Could the UN be next? This is a certainty. With uncontrolled chaos comes the necessity of using outside forces to stop the disorder.

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