Sunday, December 21, 2014

A History forgotten is a history repeated.......David Risselada

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
I’m really at a loss for words America. We are at such a perilous place, and yet, the masses go on about their lives not paying any heed to the warning signs, and the history that has established their precedence. The execution style murders of two police officers, stoked on by the fuming hatred of communists and race baiters, should tell you exactly where we are heading, another government sponsored genocide. Unfortunately, through the indoctrination methods of the social sciences, and the brainwashing methods of psychopolitics,  many people have no ability to recognize that we are on the brink of once again, forgetting history, and sadly a history forgotten is a history repeated.
The vast majority of people in this country are unable to see the danger of a government that is attempting to impose draconian gun laws across the land, while also empowering the biggest threat we face as a nation, Islamic Jihad. The Obama administration has given heavy military weaponry to Islamists who use it to slaughter innocent people, while referring to military veterans who own firearms, and others who believe in the constitution, as a threat to national security.  The government, headed by Obama and other 1960 radical throwbacks, is engaged in a mass demonization campaign against white people in this country, by referring to all of us as “racists” through the “white privilege” ideology our society has been saturated with. Despite the obvious warning signs of the massive danger we face, the masses still seem more concerned about football, and the latest episode of the walking dead; both of which mind you, use their earnings to fund the communist agenda.
We have a government, that despite  Jonathan Gruber’s admission of “depending on the stupidity” of the american voter to pass Obamacare, still voted to fund it.  We have people on the Republican side of the aisle who might as well be communists themselves, because they walk in lock step with the left’s agenda of growing government and taking liberty from the people. The signs cannot be more clear.
On December 24, this coming Wednesday, The U.N. intends on implementing the small arms treaty, which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate. While failure to ratify will “in theory” prevent the U.S. from enforcing any of the treaties provisions, it is likely we will see many of them take hold in the form of executive order. President Obama has pushed the envelope in seizing executive power; though, the process has been conditioning the public to accept the legitimacy of it for decades. The congress has proven itself to be powerless, as they appear to be petrified to take any stand challenging Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs. If they failed to fight him on amnesty and Obamacare, why will they fight him on gun control? The question becomes more pressing as lawlessness designed explicitly to frighten a clueless population continues unabated.
The U.N. treaty, like other gun control initiatives, will do nothing to keep people safe. Rather, it will render entire populations of people helpless in the face Islamic conquest and the U.N’s own agenda of global domination. The U.N, even in the face of atrocities committed by radical Islamists, passed a resolution criminalizing any attempts to criticise it. This would indicate that the U.N. supports the Islamic agenda of jihad against the west, and yet, we have a president  who supports the implementation of a treaty that would allow them to control our gun rights. Only an idiot would not question this; something that sadly, there appears to be no shortage of in America today.
America, governments in the world are hands down, responsponsible for the biggest atrocities committed against helpless populations. Ironically, mass deaths soon follow draconian gun registration/confiscation laws because governments tend to disarm those who appear to be preventing them from establishing their “ideal society.” In America today, it is the white christian, constitutional conservative male that has been marked for demonization. This is the only group that has no special protections by law, yet somehow has been labeled with a privilege that does little else but ignite a burning hatred. The type of hatred needed to murder in cold blood. I’m afraid that anything less than every person in this country awakening to the lies being fostered upon them will be insufficient to make any change, the mentality of hate has been rooted in the subconsciousness of many.
America, history forgotten is history repeated, and the history of gun control in the world is something we all need to remember, now.

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