Sunday, December 7, 2014

Beat Goes On with Black on White Crime: Gina Burger, Channon Christian, Chris Newsom......Dr. Fred

While protesters continue to create problems for innocent people over Mike Brown and now Eric Garner (in which in both cases, unarmed black men were killed by white police officers), the media continues to ignore black on white crime in general. The same media also ignores cases where black cops or other cops who are persons of color kill unarmed whites.
But in spite of the fervor over blacks killed by white cops, in just one city – Chicago – these are the stats since Mike Brown’s death (until 11/25):
  • 155 homicides (74% black males)
  • 725 shot & wounded
  • Six (6) 18 year olds killed: Kawantis Montgomery, Kamaal Burton, Tony McIntos, Alexandra Burgos, Rayvon Little, Johnathan Cartwright
  • 59 18 year olds shot & wounded
  • 29 teenagers (13-19) killed
  • 244 teenagers (13-19) shot and wounded
  • 10 shot (5 killed) by the CPD
Interesting statistics, aren’t they? Yet, so-called black leaders essentially ignore these individuals saying that they’re “not counting” blacks killed by other blacks due to crime. How convenient. Unfortunately, this is the way Chicago and other areas of large cities roll when it comes to blacks living with blacks.

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