Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Open Letter To John Boehner......Senior Chief Ross

House Speaker John Boehner,
            (Copy to Comrade Obama the Marxist in the White House)

I do not understand your trepidation and weakness as to why you do not stand up to the Long Legged Mack Daddy Obama.  I think perhaps he has something  on you maybe he  pulled from the NSA files.  Maybe Obama used his resources to extract sensitive information from your cell phone and laptop ?  Who knows ?

 But with that said Speaker Boehner, no matter what it is  holding you back from stepping up to the plate and protecting the US Constitution there is a way you can  stop the president's lawlessness and STOP the implementation of Executive Amnesty that will cost us 2 trillion dollars and that is to DEFUND IT.  Now don't give me this miscreant side line,  weak surrender monkey poodle piss excuse that you cannot do this, don't lie to us man.  We are not as dumb as Dr. Jonathan Gruber would have you believe. 

Boehner, you have control of the House and I want you to attach a "defund rider" to the "must pass" funding bill expected to be voted on maybe this Wednesday.   You and I both know Speaker Boehner that this  rider would prevent  Obama from using any funds to implement his unconstitutional  executive actions. This will also force Senate Democrat-Collectives, Comrade Harry Reid and the President to choose between protecting their lawless unconstitutional amnesty initiatives or funding the government, such as it is.

This bill would have the full force and effect of the power of the purse—the House’s constitutional recourse for responding to the administration, which we rational thinking Americans have called for. Even the Washington Compost stenographers  denigrated Obama's unconstitutional act as indefensible.  It  “flies in the face of congressional intent.”

Speaker Boehner if you are not willing to stand up and defend the Constitution of the United States you must resign and move away from the podium and make space for a man or woman that will.  Now is the time to fight not roll over and have your whisky stained belly rubbed by your Democrat friends. You must not be afraid of forcing the President into a confrontation that he himself created, set up and put in place.  The man is Marxists vermin trying to take this country down.  

A funding limitation rider on the imminent must-pass legislation to ensure the government stays open is the only  way to defend the Constitution and restore the rule of law. Get off your ass sir and do your job. A nation is watching you.  You were not handed 54 Senate seats and 244 Congressional seats to reach across the isle and shake hands with these enemies of freedom and liberty.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
United States Navy Retired
Navarre Florida
Surface Warfare - Air Warfare - Airborne 


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