Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear President Obama, An Open Letter From Senior Chief Geoff Ross

This nation is in a state of hurry up and wait.   We are in a hurry for you to leave the White House but we wait. The Constitution of the United States is safe and sound in the hands of angels and it is protected by American patriots like us. We know you will try and inflict a final mortal wound into its belly with a dagger covered in the blood of political correctness and the stain of your moral turpitude. 
 We the “American Patriots” across this nation are not afraid. We are a nation built by black, white, red, and yellow people from all corners of the world.  A nation strong and united under the stars and stripes brave and proud.  We do not bow to foreign Sheiks, our navy ships never dip their ensigns first, but we do return this salutation to other nations that salute us as we sail the seas in peace with them.
You Mr. President are just an empty suit with no moral compass, no courage or respect for this country.  Your hands are in your pockets when our flag is raised, your coffee cup in your hand when you step off Marine 2 totally disrespecting the Marine protecting you.  You make our brave warriors hold umbrellas for you when it rains and you put your feet up on the desks in the oval office wiping your feet on our treasured history.  John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan would take you by the ear like a miscreant school boy and remove you from this hallowed place. 
  You are in good company with John Boehner that worthless drunk of a coward who will not stand up for the Constitution.  Instead he capitulates like a church mouse cornered by the rectory cat pissing in his pants when he must make a decision.  A coward and a disgrace to this nation.  A waste of tax payer money.  He should go home and wash his hands, kneel before God and ask forgiveness as he just participated and enabled the future economic  collapse of this nation an event that is just around the corner.
We are prepared to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and return this nation back to a free Republic sir.  We are not your slave and you do not have control of what we purchase including insurance.  You have no such authority.   The war that is brewing will be decided upon what happens in January when the weak gutless cowards in the Republican party return to work with a super majority.  The freedom of our nation is not in their hands it is in our hands the American Patriot.  The Thomas Paine’s  and George Washington’s of the 21s Century. We are in the shadows but we are everywhere in every state.  We  will not permit the Constitution to be shredded anymore. 
Your departure from the White House is requested immediately for multiple counts of constitutional violations.  Your not welcome in the people’s house anymore sir, nor is your wife and her 30 plus hand maidens sucking the tax payer dry. Pack your stuff Mr. Obama and go back to Hawaii in peace and enjoy your pension.  The US Secret Service, the FBI the CIA, US Marshals and the other alphabet agencies (many of whom who paid me visits over the years because the Communists are scared of me and blasphemed my good name) These folks are with me sir.  I do not roll over and hide from my constitutional duty to help keep this nation free from Communist miscreants  like you.
Go home Obama.  Clean out your sock drawer and fold up your Muslim prayer rug and go home.  Wipe the saliva off your chin from your morning sippy cup of halal goats milk and start over with Michelle and your children.  Re-read the Constitution,  shake hands with police officers that protect us stop bashing them, visit the graves of veterans that died so that we are a free. Obama go home in peace.   Mr. Biden and Mr. Boehner must also step down also and we request they be replaced with Americans  who will lead this nation until new elections can be arranged.  I do not tire Mr. Obama I need little sleep.  I am a highly trained Navy veteran able to stay awake 9 maybe 10 days unlike the terrorists you feel sorry for  and whom Hillary Clinton has empathy for. They struggled with 7 days.  We will not lose this nation to the Communist forces you lead.  I promise.<>;<>;<>;<>;
Senior Chief Geoff Ross
US Navy retired
Surface Warfare Air Warfare Airborne
Navarre Florida
Master Diver

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