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Psychopolitical operatives influencing your children........David Risselada

Forward: In my last three articles concerning Psychopolitics, I attempted the lay the foundation of the Psychopolitical program for easy understanding. Essentially, the Communists have devised a strategy where they are attempting to use mental health as a means of transforming society from one of freedom and prosperity, to one of a subjugated people under the thumb of complete totalitarian government. This, in their words, is being done to promote world peace. They believe that conquering a nation by conquest of the mind is preferable to conquest through war. What they are doing to the mind however, is no less evil than war, as their brainwashing methods destroy man and his connection to God, while turning him into nothing more than an “unthinking animal devoid of individuality.” From Anton Berea’s book “Brainwashing, A Synthesis of the Russian TextBook on Psychopolitics”-
“Man must be consistently demonstrated to be a mechanism without individuality, and it must be educated into a populace under attack that mans individualistic reactions are the product of mental derangement.” 
“The ends thoroughly justify the means. The degradation of populaces is less inhuman than their destruction by atomic fission, for an animal who only lives once, any life is sweeter than death.”
The communists believe that the only way to avoid a nuclear war is to conquer the mind and re-educate the worlds populations into thinking the way they do, re-educating them to accept total subjugation. It appears as if this “infiltration” into our society runs deeper than many realize. Operatives have infiltrated every aspect of our society with the intention of training us to believe we are insane and in need of help.
With that, I bring you the next segment in my series on Psychopolitics.
We all know there is something drastically wrong with public education. Our school systems have become institutes of public indoctrination as opposed to places where people are encouraged to develop free thought and problem solving skills. It has become a well known fact that the new “common core standards” resemble a communist educational approach, where the individual is sacrificed for the collective. In the following series of articles I will once again use the words of Anton Berea to demonstrate just how deeply the Psychopolitical agenda runs in our educational institutions, and what the real agenda is. In the end it should be clear that the goal is to use our universities and other public institutions to create an “insane populace,” and offer the psychopolitical arts of psychology and psychiatry as the solution. You will be shocked to discover that the Psychopolitical Operatives have influence over your children and how that came to be.
When you enroll in college it is usually required that you take a class in psychology and sociology. This is where the indoctrination into communism begins as you are inundated with the precepts of Karl Marx and other social scientists such as Pavlov and Skinner. The misconceived notions of dialectical materialism, (which is the philosophy on which communism is founded) are deeply embedded in these textbooks, as is a very strict and controlled “anti American bias” which attempts to portray America as a problem (a racist apartheid nation) and communism/social science as the solution. Many people wonder why psychology is a required class when many times it has nothing to do what they are majoring in. The truth is that psychopolitical operatives have pressured the right people to make it that way.
“Constant pressure in the legislatures in The United States can bring about legislation to the effect that every student attending a high school or university must have classes in psychology.” (Anton Berea, Brainwashing-pp 53.)
This was done because the communists believe that a thorough study of psychology can bring about the acceptance of communism as a more reasonable system than the so called “capitalist oppression” the students currently live under. This is why the textbooks are full of false statistics concerning poverty and racism. The goal is to get students to view their own nation as sick and in need of intervention for the greater good.
Poverty is a great example because what the textbooks fail to mention is the fact that there are more people living in poverty now, than when the so called “war on poverty” began; and this is after the United States has spent over a trillion dollars trying to eradicate it. The same tactic is employed with the “universal healthcare” debate. False statistics are presented, and these statistics are compared to those of a nation already under communist control, which of course are also based on lies.
Many people may believe that this is far too outrageous to be true, or that there is no way such a vast conspiracy could maintained on such a grand scale. To this I would remind you that in1963 a list of communist goals, (which I often write about, and bear a striking resemblance to the material in Berea’s book) was entered into the congressional record. Senator Joseph McCarthy was constantly attacked and ridiculed for warning of communist infiltration. Sadly, it appears that no one listened because the infiltration runs so deep, that the professors we entrust with our childrens education are under the control of psychopolitical operatives.
“As every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by persons in our connection, or who can be influenced by persons in our connection, the consistent employment of such texts is guaranteed. They are given the authoritative ring and are carefully taught.”(pp. 53 )
Compare this with one of the forty five goals of communism-
What this means America is that your childrens psychology professors know they are working to advance the goals of communism, and are willingly doing so. They are being trained by professional operatives and carefully guided in the arts so as not to reveal their true intentions. I can give a personal example from my experience in social work education. I was assigned a “personality coach” because of my constant objections to what I saw as an indoctrination into the “white privilege” agenda I often write about. To further develop an understanding on the depths of this agenda consider the following paragraph-
Although the psychopolitical operative working in universities where he can direct the curricula of psychology classes is often tempted to teach some of the principles of psychopolitics to the susceptible students in the psychology classes, he must be thoroughly enjoined to limit his information in psychology classes to the transmittal of the tenets of communism under the guise of psychology, and must limit his activities in bringing about a state of mind on the part of the students where they will accept communist tenets as those of their own action and as modern scientific principles.
In other words, what we are dealing with is the infiltration and conquering of a nation through the use of the mental health fields, and the the very beginnings of a mental health education are the roots of this indoctrination. The term “communist’s control our education system” does very little to explain the true depths in which they do. The tentacles of evil men with an agenda to transform our nation run right into the very textbooks your children are reading, and they have coercive control over those influencing your children, whether in high schools or universities. They are successful because we have allowed their tactics of discrediting and ridiculing to be effective in silencing our opposition. Fear of being labeled insane, or a “conspiracy theorist” has kept us from investigating the reality of this. The only way to change course is to remove these people and eliminate the influence they have.
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