Thursday, December 4, 2014

It Must Not Only Be Right, But It Must Look Right......By Dr. Fred

Democrat Al Green (TX) arrested for blocking traffic with other protesters.

The title of this article is based on a comment (a new meme?) from Congressman Al Green (D-TX), who went head to head with Megyn Kelly on FOX recently. The issue was about the “hands up, don’t shoot” false narrative that Green and several of his colleagues in Congress continue to push. According to Green, for it to be true, it must look right.
The conversation is interesting to say the least and during that conversation, when questioned by Kelly about his point of view, Green continued to state that the prosecutor had not been transparent. He could have arrested and indicted Wilson and let the courts decide, but instead he chose to use a grand jury, which is secretive in how they do things.
One of the things he stated several times during the course of the interview is essentially that things should not only be right, but look right. It sounds like a meme that Rev. Jesse Jackson came up with and is being passed around, similar to “hands up, don’t shoot.”
The problem of course, is that while the meme sounds fair and reasonable, Green himself showed no sign of actually believing it. In other words, Green is ostensibly stating that if something is true, then it should look as though it is true as well.
Taken to its logical conclusion then, Green appears to be arguing that he agrees with the outcome, but disagrees with the process because of the way the process looks. However, this is not the case at all. He obviously not only disagrees with the process, but he disagrees with the outcome as well.
He could also be saying that in order for something to be truly right (or correct), but the process must appear to be right as well as the outcome. In other words, one hinges upon the other.
The problem with this – either way you look at it – is that truth is truth, unless you’re heavily into political correctness (based on emotional virtue). Political correctness is a process by which truth is determined largely based on how something feels to someone.
In spite of the fact that Megyn Kelly read specific testimony from three blacks who witnessed the shooting of Mike Brown and whose testimonies supported Officer Darren Wilson, Green’s response was that African-Americans could be mistaken too.
In other words, Green did not like that specific set of testimonies and even though the physical evidence corroborates that testimony, it is rejected by Green and numerous others. My suspicion is that even if this went to a trial and Wilson was fully acquitted, people like Green would still have a high degree of problems with the verdict.
In the end, while Green tries to sound eloquent, he fails miserably because of his lack of proper grammar. Beyond this, he is simply ignoring physical evidence that does not support the testimony that he agrees with regarding Mike Brown.
Obviously, Green believes that Brown was standing there with his hands up, in a stopped position, when he was gunned down by Officer Wilson. Of course, that would not explain how Brown was shot at the top of the head going down toward the body, but facts apparently don’t matter to individuals like Green.
Neither the physical nor verbal evidence supports this conclusion, but that doesn’t matter to people like Green. The only thing that matters is making this a case of race, but then Green denies doing that as well and accuses Kelly of making it about race. This is in spite of the meme “black lives matter” being used by so-called Civil Rights leaders like Sharpton and others. To them, it’s ALL about race, from beginning to end.
Watch the video and draw your own conclusions.
The idea that something has to look right in order to truly be right is another leftist meme that in the end, means nothing, but proves how entrenched they are within the entire politically correct spectrum. Truth for them, is only truth, when it appears to be true, whether or not it actually is true.
Hogwash. The left builds itself on one lie after another. Let Mr. Green use that same meme where Mr. Obama and Eric Holder are concerned. He won’t because people would see how devoid it is of common sense and logic.

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