Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cop Hit By Car, East High School Denver Protesters Scream “Hit Him Again!”........Janna B.

Student protesters for Ferguson at East High School Denver CHEERED as a cop was hit by a car and dragged underneath the vehicle in the commotion. The protest took place on Wednesday in front of East High School Denver, and the police were there to escort the students. Actually, four police officers on bicycles were hit in the incident, but only one was hit and dragged away, nearly 25 yards.
How did East High School Denver students respond to the horror of seeing a man hit and subsequently dragged underneath a car while they were out protesting a fake scandal? They erupted, and encouraged the driver to “Hit him again!The video shows exactly what happened in all its horror. 
The video is truly stunning, shocking. The coldness of this generation is appalling. How does a nation survive under these conditions? It doesn’t and it won’t. The Gateway Pundit reports:
Four police officers were struck by a car while monitoring a Mike Brown student protest at East High School in Denver on Wednesday.
One police officer was hit and dragged underneath the car for 25 yards.
The officer underwent surgery and was in severe condition after the accident.
Five hundred students joined in the march for robber Mike Brown.
The student protesters reportedly chanted“Hit him again!” after the policeman was ran over.
It is unthinkable that students would have this mindset. That they would even be protesting the Mike Brown “incident” is outrageous, knowing the facts. But in today’s climate of feigned outrage, facts do not matter. All that has any value is emotion. If acting on that emotionhappens to cause someone serious injury, so be it. The Mike Brown case PROVES that truth only lies in the eye of the beholder. Each person has different eyes, so what is truth to one person need not be factual to another. These are the most dangerous of times. The story continues, as recounted by the
 “He was just lying there,” Taylor Ellison, a sophomore at the high school, said of the officer. “His pants were ripped. He wasn’t moving.”
Ellison said the officer was so badly injured he thought the man was dead.
Officer John Adsit, a nine-year veteran, underwent several hours of surgery at Denver Health Medical Center. And although police said he was “not out of the woods,” his condition was stable.
According to reports given Friday, the officer is alive but in critical condition. The Denver Post story was written on Wednesday. Officer Adsit is not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. But what student Taylor Ellison said the protestors were saying is shocking, even to the most hardened of police forces.
Listening to people say ‘F the police!’ — and then they get hit trying to make sure you aren’t hit by a car,” Ellison said, shaking his head.
These are high school students. No doubt outside agitators and anarchists ascended to the area to aid the protesting. But the majority were teenagers.
This is what the false narrative of Mike Brown’s shooting has turned into, and the people believe it. They do not care about the facts. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of the Congressional Black Caucus went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Thursday evening andproclaimed, when asked if the evidence was a concern, “that is not a concern.”
She did not read the evidence or even look at it. Norton and Leftists like her do not care about facts. Their emotional narrative, whatever they have created to fit their agenda, is the facts. After hearing this, should people be surprised that students have no emotion, and want to see a cop HIT again when they believe black people are being gunned down unmercifully by white police officers? NO. They want to believe the lie, and believe it they will, regardless of logic.
2 Thessalonians 2:11: For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

Yes, a delusion is coming, one much greater than this. America cannot survive the onslaught. The entire world is moving toward a one world government, ruled by one man. Have no doubt, the Man of Sin is coming and the way is being prepared for him. As the globalists work behind the scenes to create chaos and instill socialism, the PEOPLE are the ones who are proclaiming the truth is dead. Truth is gone, and in its place is coldness and decay. America’s sovereignty hangs in the balance, as does its ever diminishing moral compass, leaving in its wake an unrecognizable landscape.

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