Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Minister Blasts Sharpton and Says Looting is Glorifying Ignorance!.....BY Dr. Fred

Individuals like Jonathan Gentry, pastor of the West Angeles Church of Christ, are easily and quickly ignored by the left because he is a black man who does not push the leftist agenda. He will be shoved to the side as an “uncle Tom” or worse, someone who is seen as being a propagandist on the right and used as a tool. In spite of this, the left will refuse to see their own hypocrisy and racism fully believing that this man (and others like him) are completely incapable of seeing the truth, therefore his words should be dutifully ignored.
Gentry’s comments on the Neil Cavuto show were explosive to say the least. He condemned the ignorance of many within the black community as well as its leaders, going all the way to the White House.
“A lot of African-Americans think I’m against my culture and I’m against my race; [that] I hate my race. I am only telling you to look in the mirror before you want to point fingers at anyone else. Because we are taking Michael Brown and making him the epitome of the African-American community all over the globe.
“Let’s look at the scoreboard of African-Americans killed in our own communities. Let’s just take a look at that. Let’s take racism out [of] the equation. Let’s take the police department out [of] the equation. And let’s look at our own communities.
“Eric Holder, Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson…any of these activists have to look [at] themselves in the mirror before protesting to anyone else in their community and say ‘We need to change.’
“I’m not going to tell a police department, a nation, to change, when we’re still tore up from the floor up,”
Gentry calls it as he sees it, yet he is marginalized, cast-off, denigrated, vilified, and ignored for making what he considers to be truthful statements. While many black leaders say that comparing black on black crimes (including murders) is simply a way that the right “deflects” and “redirects,” Gentry doesn’t see it that way. The black community is all up in arms over the situation involving Mike Brown, a known thug in the community (and there is surveillance to prove it), yet no one seems to cry, organize national protests, or anything else when it comes to the multitude of deaths that occur in the black community by the hands of other blacks. That’s somehow a “separate” issue, but in reality, it’s not at all.
I agree with Gentry that the black community takes people like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown and holds these two up as if they represent the entirety of the black community. They don’t. They were both thugs. Their social network pages prove it, but those images are completely ignored by the media because it is their job to portray only one part of the black community and try to show that these blacks are being hunted by whites.
This is why black on black crime is rarely discussed in the media and when it is, it is relegated to “gang” mentality and warfare. The bottom line though is that it appears as though black on black crime is just one of those inevitable things, but when a black person is harmed or killed by a white person, that proves racial genocide.
But Gentry also brings up another cogent point that seems to be routinely ignored by so-called leaders. When portions of the black community explode into violence because of the perceived racial genocide by whites, all it proves is that those particular blacks know how to glorifying ignorance by doing things that harm innocent lives. Whether they are hammering an innocent white man to death, destroying, looting, and setting fires to businesses, overturning cars, blocking roads, all of it simply proves to the world that this type of terrorism is not beyond the realm of the black community. Far from giving into it, others outside of that community will do all they can to resist it. This will inevitably mean some type of racial war and it appears as though this is exactly what our so-called leaders want.
Gentry continues by calling Al Sharpton on the carpet.
“How can you say you’re acting on the word of God and you’re fueling hate into an innocent generation?…You’re fueling hate of what you went through into an innocent generation [and]…reliving your past into an innocent generation that did not witness what you did. You’re just rejuvenating pain into an innocent generation. God is hitting the brakes on you and anyone else that follows your foolishness and mess.”
Of course, Sharton won’t pay attention to anything someone like Gentry says because it would mean stepping off his personal gravy train. At this point in time, Al Sharpton is “fireproof” solely because he’s black and the leaders of our country have no interest in seeing that Al Sharpton pays his $4.5 million dollar tax debt or go to jail. Sharpton knows this because he is part of one of the inner circles for President Obama. He’s protected…for now.
People have been asking for quite some time about the three letters in front of the names Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The truth is that these individuals are deeply entrenched in Black Liberation Theology, as is President Obama’s pastor for some twenty years, Jeremiah Wright. These individuals are not so concerned with the message of Jesus as they are concerned with the message of racial freedom through indoctrination.
We need to hear from more Rev. Jonathan Gentrys in the world. Still, even if that does happen, the left will continue to marginalize and ignore them. They do not fit the narrative. They aren’t pushing the Communist agenda forward. In short, they are not race-baiters fomenting racial tensions in society. They are trying to calm things down instead of doing what Sharpton does, rile things up.

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