Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Earlier this month, congressional Republicans held a hearing to determine if Barrack Obama had broken his constitutional oath by issuing lawless edicts concerning Obamacare.  The United States Constitution states that it is the job of the congress to write laws and the job of the executive branch to enforce laws. Most of us paying attention to Washington D.C. these days are fully aware of this. The President however; seems to believe that he can change laws at will and has taken the liberty to do so on several occasions, particularly when it comes to safeguarding democrat congressional seats in the face of the utter failure that is The Affordable Care Act. The President has by passed congressional authority and changed the law to suit his needs by delaying the employer mandate and issuing waivers to those who have been friendly to his political ambitions. He has even gone as far as exempting congress from the law.

As it stands right now there are 29 congressional Republicans led by South Carolina Representative Tom Rice who are ready to introduce a resolution to hold the President accountable for the discretionary way he chooses to uphold the law. This is according to Tim Brown in his article posted at The Freedom Outpost.  Many people will declare this as the defining “it’s about time someone does something” moment when it comes to the Presidents blatant disregard for constitutional procedures.  The question is; isn't it a bit too late? It seems that these congressional Republicans are a day late and a dollar short as the president has been in violation of his oath of office since he was first inaugurated in 2009.

In fact the very law these representatives seek to hold him accountable on was passed in an unconstitutional fashion with no challenge from any other branch of government. Nancy Pelosi boldly stood in front of God and country and declared that the bill was deemed passed, without a single vote from a republican.  She also had the audacity to claim that finding out what the 2500 page bill entailed would require its passage first. Conservative Americans watched in horror as democrat politicians proudly proclaimed that they hadn't even read the bill The whole bill from the beginning was an unconstitutional monstrosity that has turned out to be the disaster we were all warning about because of the Republican’s failure to stop it. Now they want to hold the President accountable for breaking his constitutional oath by failing to uphold unconstitutional law? Forgive me if I seem a little less than optimistic.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this resolution will go anywhere. Republicans hold a majority in the House of Representatives but how many of them are actually loyal to their own oath of office? The recent house vote on the budget deal is indicative of that. There were only 62 Republicans who honored their oaths and voted their conscience, while the rest (169) went with political correctness.

Tom Rice may be able to pick up a few more sponsors for his resolution; however, it is highly likely that these efforts will see the majority of congressional Republicans go in full attack mode against these few who are seeking to “govern” the will of the American people and hold the President accountable for his lawlessness. This has been the case in many instances as establishment leadership has continuously attacked conservatives in an effort drive a wedge between grassroots movements and the GOP. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have recently taken the full frontal assault for standing on principle and now John Boehner has turned his attention to tea party activists, accusing them of pushing him into the fight to "de-fund" Obamacare and shutdown the government. Boehner also suggests that tea party activists are “criticizing an agreement they haven’t seen.”  Sorry Mr. Boehner, you were elected to represent conservative principles but instead you have become part of the problem.

It is way beyond obvious to those paying attention that there is a deliberate, malicious intent to cause hate and discontent within the ranks of the Republican Party. Republicans who lean to the left, those who claim to be more moderate are acting in a manner to convince others that their capitulating to the democrats’ socialist policies is the reasonable, mature thing to do; while those who stand on principle and seek to defend liberty are slowly turned into the radicals. They have collectively blown any opportunity to go on the offensive in the face of the Obamacare fiasco and by doing so they have allowed the democrats to regain a solid footing in giving the appearance that all is well and the law is now working.  How they let the president remain in a position where he has any influence to “dictate” anything is anyone’s guess but one thing is certain.  The President has attained way too much power, (which the congress has actually surrendered to him,) there are far too many republican turncoats and too few citizens paying attention for a resolution introduced by 29 congressman to go anywhere. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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