Tuesday, December 31, 2013

White Privilege..White Slave?......David Risselada

Earlier this past year, The Public Department of Instruction in Wisconsin jumped on board the “white privilege, white male” choo choo train and teaching their students that it is unfair to be privileged with white skin. You have to be racist in the first place to think that because it implies that the pusher of this backwards ideology believes there is something unfair about being black. That’s the problem with moral relativism, it destroys simple truths that we grow up figuring to be common sense. Such as, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. How about that? If it’s unfair to be white than that means whites must be better somehow and there is something fundamentally flawed about being black. Hey, don’t get mad at me, I have been fighting this false white privilege ideology for three years only to find out that people prefer to be treated like oppressed victims, even when they’re not.

Most of this white privilege education stems of course from the history of black slavery and black oppression throughout the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact I have written many articles detailing the facts about the Democrat Party’s involvement in suppressing civil rights legislation, creating the Klu Klux Klan and implementing Jim Crow segregation laws , after decades of successful integration no less. I could go further by pointing out Woodrow Wilson, known for being Americas first fascist president was the one responsible for re-segregating what had already been desegregated. The unfortunate reality here is that we have all been lied to concerning slavery in America. I am not suggesting that blacks were not slaves, they were; however, they were viewed by the slave owners to be more valuable than the other slaves. The other slaves that arrived on American shores nearly a century before than any African slave had; the white slaves from Eastern Europe.

The word slave actually originates from the word slav, which is a term that used to be used to describe whites from Eastern Europe. Do you think that the professors at the University of Wisconsin, who are trying to convince your children to believe in critical race theory, will ever teach them that?

While history typically teaches us that black slaves were beaten, chained, murdered and raped by their evil white slave masters, it turns out that white slaves were enjoying some of these same privileges long before the black slaves arrived, as early as the 16th century even. In fact nearly half of all first arrivals to American shores were white slaves.

It was not uncommon for half of the slaves loaded onto the boats for the journey across the seas to be dead by the time they arrived because of the horrible conditions they endured. These conditions were equivalent, if not worse than those of the African Slaves in later years. Whites that were born into slavery were made into slaves just the same as blacks, and they remained enslaved for the duration of their entire lifespan, even when blacks were able to purchase their freedom. It was not uncommon to see black slave owners, and it was not uncommon to see free black men owning white slaves.

Many of these white slaves were also brought over from Australia, which of course was an exile of sorts for Britain’s criminals. The Walthom act of 1723 brought nearly 100,000 white slaves from Australia to American shores. Even before the voyage to the new world the poor working class of England often found themselves and their children being kidnapped and sold into slavery. In fact the origins of the word “kidnap” date back to these times and refers to children being sold into slavery.

Historically speaking these white slaves were generally referred to as indentured servants. If any academic discussion arises about white slaves they are sure to be referred to in this manner. The term indentured servant only serves to minimize the fact that whites were America’s first slaves and they were treated just as horribly, if not worse than the black slaves.

Can you imagine the possible ramifications of today’s social welfare policies if these truths were to be exposed in public education? The democrats would lose all power as blacks in America, having been taught the truth, not only about white slavery but their own amazing contributions to the shaping of this country, would truly be empowered. Right now black people in America might as well be wearing a noose as democrat politicians and a racist public education system seek to convince them that holding on to victimhood is far more beneficial for them than actually realizing their own amazing potential. White privilege is a part of something larger called Critical Race Theory which seeks to accuse innocent Americans for being racist for everything they do because our society supports discriminatory practices. I personally think that affirmative action is discriminatory because it teaches blacks and other minorities that they are not good enough to compete, so they need help from the democrat politicians. Affirmative action is a liberal democrat policy. Who’s the racist? Critical Race Theory also seeks to convince blacks that they need to hold onto their victim hood status and that success in America means little more than selling out to the white man’s ways. Is it any wonder they are disproportionately more impoverished?

What about those of us who have Eastern European ancestry? What special rights and privileges do we get to demand from the government?

Source: Hoffman, M. (1993) They were white and they were slaves. The untold history of the enslavement of whites in early America. Wiswell Ruffin House

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