Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bill Ayers, A Communist Influencing Your David Risselada

There are numerous reasons we love the United States of America. The ideals of individual liberty, justice for all and self governance are not only what draws people from around the world but are the ideals that have driven the U.S. to be the most “free” nation the world has ever known. Our legal system and its principle of “innocent until proven guilty” has not only been effective in proving people innocent of crimes they didn't commit, but has also allowed the system to be played by criminals as the burden of proof falls on the government. What a great and fair system, under the eyes of the law we are all equal and if proof of guilt cannot be established peoples freedoms are retained.  There is one man in particular that comes to mind when speaking of being freed from charges because of the failure of government to collect evidence legally. William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground was facing charges for bombing the pentagon and was set free because of the unethical methods the government used to present its position. Bill Ayers and his radical friends were communist sympathizers who were responsible for organizing the Weather Underground and committing acts of domestic terrorism against the Federal Government because they thought our economic system was unjust and oppressive. Oh don’t forget, he is also a friend of President Obama. William Ayers would later recall on those events, “Guilty as hell and free as a bird.” He has also made several comments regarding his lack of remorse for what he had done. He is a die hard communist dedicated to an egalitarian utopia after all. Where is he now? He is teaching as a professor of education at the University of Chicago. Bill is a prime example of how the radical communist sympathizers have infiltrated our education system with the intent of turning our society and morals completely upside down. In fact I would say Bill Ayers may later be recognized as the one who accomplished Antonio Gramsci’s long march through our institutions.
Every day we see more of the development of a hard, left wing ideology revolving around the idea that Americas wealth has been taken unfairly and we do not deserve what we have. This concept is commonly referred to as “social justice” and if you have been a college student any time recently I am sure you are well familiar with the term. We have Universities in America literally teaching that we are an oppressive, racist society and that there is no universal truth on morality. Instead we are fed the poison of moral relativism. Whites are privileged, boys who feel like girls should be able to use the girl’s room or else it is a new form of discrimination, the nuclear family is bad and if we don’t support homosexual marriage we are bigoted.  Most college students today don’t even realize that the constitution was actually written to protect their rights to individual liberty as they increasingly believe it is the government’s role to keep them safe and provide for their needs. Young people are literally being taught to believe it is “oppressive” to work and take responsibility for their own lives. This is social justice, tearing America down from the inside in order to rebuild her into a great communist paradise. Who is responsible for this rapid rise in left wing indoctrination? It has been happening for decades however; Bill Ayers, using his bully pulpit at the University of Chicago has regrettably amassed a tremendous amount of influence over our education system. He is actually using his position to carry out the Alinsky strategy of creating hate and discontent for the purpose of organizing political power. You see social justice isn’t really about helping the poor; it’s about using the poor to exact revenge against what the hippies of the Cultural Revolution saw as the evil oppressive empire. Never mind the communist dictatorships that were murdering millions that we stopped, no no, we are the oppressive ones.
As we witness on a daily basis now the U.S. government purchasing billions of rounds, practicing on targets depicting everyday Americans, a continuous assault against our liberties and finally rumors of FEMA concentration camps being established across the country, there is something that needs to be known. This is Bill Ayers’ idea, and it comes from his influence in social justice education and the role it plays in conditioning people to accept socialism. Let me explain. Before our children were blessed by the failure of their government to protect them from being educated by communist psychopaths, the Weather Underground was infiltrated by an FBI agent by the name of Larry Grathwohl. Larry actually testified to witnessing the discussion in which Ayers and the Weather Underground were explaining how to eliminate 25 million Americans that he referred to as “die hard capitalists” that would not be able to be re-educated into the new line of thinking known as liberalism, or progressivism, which ever you prefer. Puts a new perspective on why your college professor fails you for disagreeing with him doesn't it? Everything that we see today that has no resembling features of what we recognize as America can be traced to ideas linked to social justice education. Here is a video link to Larry Grathwohl’s testimony.

Bill Ayers is a great example of the insane hypocrisy of liberals. In all of his efforts to radically transform our society and train our children to be good little social activists he does so simply because the system he hates so much worked the way it was supposed to. The government could not prove his guilt so he went free, and now we pay. Somehow he finds his freedom oppressive. The fact that he is free to push his ideology on our children because his ideas are protected by the first amendment and academic freedom is, in his mind a symbol of right wing extremism which makes him a victim. Saul Alinsky said in Rules for Radicals that the goal of the organizer is to obtain power and reform the system so they can never lose it. That is exactly what Bill Ayers is doing at the University of Chicago. He is transforming our system through the influence he yields over our text books and the “social justice curriculum.” He is turning a system that has worked for him into one that will systematically deny us the same opportunity to have it work for us. America, unless we can muster up the intestinal fortitude to call these people out they are likely to succeed with their radical transformation. I have been warning that they are training your children to be their little “social change” agents and we are just sitting on the sidelines because social justice education has made us question our own values. Perhaps we should apply a little social activism ourselves and demand that the University of Chicago fire William Ayers. How do we do this? The same way they do it, through political pressure and public humiliation. Call them out for the hypocrites they are. We could start by organizing a massive campaign to let the University of Chicago know what we think of Professor Ayers. 

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