Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Black and White, Shades of Gray, and Liberals Protected Opinions....By David Risselada

As a conservative I have been told on more than one occasion that my thinking is too concrete, too black and white if you will. I have been listening to liberal professors and the students they indoctrinate go around in circles describing to me how I need to learn to see all the “shades of gray” between the black and white. Let me put this into perspective, Black and white represents the absolutes of right and wrong, so to say, while the shades of gray can be said to represent all the “what if’s” of problem solving.  Admittedly, there are times where a failure to see the shades of gray can have its consequences because thinking outside the box may be necessary however; there are many different boxes to speak of here. Personally, and this is based on my own observations and experiences with today’s liberal, I believe they have trapped themselves inside a very small box that is in fact only one shade of gray. Inside this box liberals are running frantically round and round looking for answers they can’t find because they fail to recognize the need for an absolute. They have become so critical of the “black and white” or the “concrete” that it has become virtually useless to them. That was the explicit purpose for the creation of critical thinking incidentally.
Like usual, I am going to turn this around a bit and argue that because of this box they have created for themselves they have built their own “absolute” or their own “concrete thinking” and they need to learn to see in the shades of gray. Let me explain. Most of us know that today’s liberals are extremely biased to a leftist world view while attempting to hide that fact by accusing us of being biased. Typical blame the other guy tactic. This bias manifests itself into one solution to all problems that their self created box prevents them from seeing, and it fails time and time again. This solution of course is the centralization of government power, the dictatorship of the proletariat or a solution better known as socialism. Again this is all based on my own observations but what other conclusions can be drawn when you are well studied in history and you are constantly around people who “absolutely” refuse to acknowledge that capitalism brings people out of poverty? Liberals have enjoyed the benefits of dominating education and social research for so long that the whole institution has become nothing but a protector of liberal opinion. It is nearly impossible to find good peer reviewed research that supports a conservative worldview from a social perspective. What this essentially equates too is that students are forced to regurgitate the opinions of liberal researchers who are biased towards a socialist world view and because there is a lack of a conservative influence, getting them to break away from this bias is nearly impossible.
Let me give you a couple of examples of this principle at work. In conversations with today’s liberals, issues like policy, social welfare or their hatred of capitalism are likely to come up. Let me say that there are things that simply do not need to be proven with peer reviewed research. To a liberal professor however; unless there is an academic journal that validates the fact that America’s capitalist economy has brought more people out of poverty than any other, it is just an opinion and their research shows otherwise. Their research shows of course that capitalism takes advantage of the poor and people commit crimes because capitalism is only for the greedy. Their research proves, to the contrary history, that centralization of power will solve the problems created by capitalism. Suggest to a liberal professor that capitalism is the reason why we are more prosperous than socialist N.Korea and the response you are likely to get would be…”I am going to need to see some research that validates that claim.”
All of this revolves around their hatred of capitalism and their desperation to prove that the failed systems of socialism can be made to work if they could just be given the right opportunity. You can look out into the world and see with the naked eye that a failure to acknowledge an absolute right or wrong, a black and white if you will only leaves people scrambling to solve more problems arising from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Today’s liberals have trapped themselves in a self destructive box of this new philosophy of no absolute as absolutism, and they seem completely content in their attempts to make a square peg fit in a round hole. They are happy to take us along as well, as long as in the end they have achieved their dream, the destruction of capitalism in America.

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