Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sexualizing your Children with "Value Clarification Education"

Many people are currently becoming alarmed by the “common core” curriculum that is being shoved down our throats, and rightfully so. It is nothing but an attempt to standardize mediocrity in our nation and in essence dumb down the whole country into one standard curriculum. That curriculum has absolutely nothing to do with teaching children about American values and how to be successful; it teaches them to be good global citizens who are more concerned with creating a world of total equality, environmental awareness and sustainable development. Most people understand those words as being part of U.N. Agenda 21. With this comes the white privilege education we have been hearing about, but there is also something called heterosexual privilege. This is where as heterosexuals we are the beneficiaries of a system that acknowledges all the benefits of being involved with another person, as long as it is with the opposite sex. What we are seeing with this heterosexual privilege education is an attempt to normalize homosexuality and demonize all who oppose as being bigots, and the same radical tactics that have been used by legitimate civil right struggles are being used in a manner that is offensive to those that faced real discrimination. In case you haven’t heard there are great efforts underway to give the appearance that pedophilia is just another “normal sexual orientation” as well. The end goal, as I have written in an earlier article, is to make the homosexual agenda completely accepted by mainstream society and that includes sexual interaction with childrenhttp://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2012/02/pedophilia_is_normal_because_o.html
Across the country more and more schools are being exposed for teaching children very inappropriate and explicit information about sex, and at very young ages. In Wisconsin for example a first grade class was introduced to concepts that were not only inappropriate for first graders but had little to do with biological sex education. (Its o.k. for schools to teach legitimate sex ed, to a degree.) There has been a massive push by groups like NAMBLA and the Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network to push homosexuality into our schools. In Fact, one of the leading members of GLSEN, Gerald Hannon has all but admitted a need to infiltrate our schools by saying that one of the biggest challenges the gay movement faces is recruiting young people to the movement. They were able to infiltrate by using words like homophobia, or using AIDS education as a cover. Let’s not forget Kevin Jennings, the safe school czar appointed by Obama who was a member of NAMBLA.  NAMBLA stands for North American Man Boy Love Association and one of their goals is to repeal the age of consent laws because they believe sex between men and boys is beneficial. This is according to Bruce Rind in his article entitled “A Meta analytical examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples” which was published in 1998. Basically they are attempting to change our children’s morals and they are using the technique of values clarification to get them to challenge what they have been taught by you.
Values clarification is another tool used by the globalists to turn our children into good global socialists. Outcome and competency based education are other examples. Values clarification is designed explicitly to force children to challenge their beliefs and morals while causing a moral dilemma of sorts that coaxes them into looking at things through a different perspective. Once the moral breakdown has been accomplished they crush modesty and all inhibitions the student may have by exposing them to shocking images and films. This is why you have heard so much about students reading books about gay penguins and daddy having two boy roommates. They also employ humiliation tactics which shame a student for clinging to old ideas, like president Obama believing he can shame gun owners by calling us bitter clingers. Finally they encourage the student to engage in open, suggestive discussions about how they feel and voila! Techniques such as these are far more effective on innocent seven year olds that don’t even know the traditional definition of marriage. What they do understand however is fairness and their liberal teacher is more than happy to challenge their assertions about the fairness of two people who love each other not being able to get married. Here are some examples of what children are being exposed to in school.
“Testing your ability to function sexually and to give pleasure to another may be less threatening in the early teens with people of your own sex.”
Fisting often gets a bad rap. It usually isn’t
about the pain, not that we’re putting that
down . . . [It’s] to put you into an exploratory mode.
Another example includes a state funded school in North Carolina presenting a seminar called The New Gay Teenager and encouraged students to not only explore sexuality but to challenge the biblical notion of homosexuality as being wrong and misguided.
Relating all or this back to common core and agenda 21 we have to ask our self if there is even a darker purpose to all of this. There was a news report not too long ago that entailed a Planned Parenthood clinic describing unwanted pregnancy as the worst thing that can result from sexual behavior. Is all of this an attempt to regulate and reduce the human population? All of these kids growing up being indoctrinated into homosexuality while Planned Parenthood sets up clinics in their schools. That may border a little on the conspiratorial side however; so did the story of kids being forced to read about gay penguins in California years ago. We also know that there is a massive effort to keep the idea of abortions being an absolute right, and in fact that idea is being pushed to the limit as after birth abortions have been thrown into the mix. If we do not find a way to reverse this and take back the minds of our children they are not going to know the value and importance of honoring the gift of life.
Sources: Sprigg, P. Homosexuality in your children’s schools. Family research council

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