Tuesday, December 31, 2013

White Privilege Education and the Delphi Technique...David Risselada

I write a lot about white privilege and critical race theory. The reason for this is because as a student in the field of social work, I was told that I wasn't fit to work in the field because my views did not support these radical theories. As a matter of fact I was simply told that because I didn't believe in a world view that advocated social justice and wealth redistribution I wasn't fit to be a professional helper. My professor went on to explain that whole educational curriculum in social work education revolved around the idea of “white privilege” and I would likely have a hard time making it in the field. This is why I seem to be so consumed by the topic because I literally witnessed the methods used to indoctrinate people into this worldview and it was quite alarming. I drove my professor’s nuts because I never shut up and ultimately, I vowed to myself that I would let the world know what was going on.
The main technique they use is called the Delphi technique and it is quite effective. It is employed in many academic and business settings as well as the highest levels of government. It isn't specifically designed to push white privilege, but to get people to agree with what they normally may not agree with, or identify the non players and eliminate them. To be more specific it is designed to root out any and all opposition to liberalism, and it is so effective that I witnessed student after student line up and admit they hadn't realized just how racist they were until they were educated on the subject.
How does it work? The Delphi technique is a means of employing the Hegelian Dialectic. Putting two opposing factions against one another with the intent of reaching a predetermined conclusion; this conclusion is Marxist in origin. With this technique however you have a facilitator who is well trained in the Alinsky method, and psychological manipulation. This facilitator could be a teacher, a group leader, a democrat politician, you get the picture. The idea is for the facilitator to get everyone in groups and discuss the topic at hand. Up to this point there is a general consensus in which direction these discussions will go. (If you are a college student your bells should be ringing) The job of the facilitator is to identify those going against the “group think” mentality. They are looking for those strong, independently minded people who are grounded in their belief system that present any intention of being able to prove them wrong, essentially. Once this person is identified the humiliation tactics begin, the accusations start to fly, and they try to put you on the defensive to discredit you and your conservatism. (This has been my whole college experience)
How do you combat this? That’s the hard part and perhaps even harder is recognizing when it is being done to you. The most important thing to remember is not to let them put you in a defensive mode. That is the best gift you could give them. Stay calm and try to have fun because liberal socialist can be very easy to discredit because they have nothing that proves their theories work. Remember that at all times. What I liked to do was to think four or five steps ahead and be the first one to start asking questions. Think about the future consequences of whatever is being discussed and force the facilitator to answer those questions. (Perhaps that is why they tried to kick me out) Of course, once I realized what I was being taught I began educating myself. Be polite, be kind and realize you are putting your rear end on the line, but it has to be done or else ten years from now your 8 year old will be turning you in to the white privilege police for not wearing your racism sensitivity bracelet.

America, all of the drivel coming out of the media is the Delphi technique in action. Anytime some liberal news anchor goes on and on about you being racist and selfish, for the rich and against the poor they are forcing us into a corner awaiting the reaction. They are waiting for their opportunity to prove themselves to be the more enlightened among us as they so often do. The Delphi technique is being employed right now by Alinsky trained agitators with the intent of passing gun control legislation. The technique is so effective our fearless republican leaders are shaking in their boots in Washington D.C. because they are afraid of being called a racist and offending people that already hate their guts because of the Delphi technique. Let that sink in America!

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