Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Culture Changing Pop Tart....David Risselada

Does anyone remember the story of young Josh Welch being suspended from Park Elementary for biting a pop tart into a “gun shape?” As ludicrous as this may sound it is becoming a regular occurrence throughout our country. No, not kids biting pop tarts into gun shapes, but liberal administrators playing their part to change Americas culture of rugged individualism to a state of little pansy’s completely dependent upon the government. This was but the first of many examples where children are being exposed to the liberal ideology that demands pacificism and fear from its citizens. The very same week we saw another kid being sent home with reprimands because his mother put toy soldiers on his birthday cupcakes. The soldiers were frowned upon because they represent the “culture of violence” that everyone is now supposed to be afraid of. Interesting, I suppose these peace loving liberals would love to see the actual military put in its place as well, after all; how dare they use violence to protect the rights of liberals to be idiots?

I called this school to try to figure out why they would do something so stupid. This isn’t the first time I have tried to call out liberal insanity in our schools. I sent an email to the school in Texas suspending a Mexican American who refuses to swear allegiance to a Mexican flag and is demonstrating pride to be an American. I call the schools that ban clothing with the American flag. I have talked with school principals who ban pro U.S.A. chants at sporting events and every single time I get absolutely nowhere. Why? Two reasons I believe, one is that these people really hate America folks. Make no mistake about it. They really believe that freedom is bad and that mankind is incapable of self governing and making their own decisions. They hate the constitution; they hate the culture of individualism and most of all, I think they hate themselves. Isn’t that what we were taught when we were kids? Jealousy and hatred are internal problems that stem from our own insecurities? In other words liberals are afraid of guns so we all need to be too. Reason number two is because we are allowing them to get away with this. They do not see any reason to stop with this insanity. They think its fun. (Read your Saul Alinsky) I don’t think enough freedom loving Americans understand the attempts to “affect change” through the culture. If they keep enough of today’s young children petrified of firearms they become tomorrow’s “cultural change” legislators ready to impose more restrictions on our rights. The only thing is, they may not have to impose anything. By that time these kids may be willing to surrender them voluntarily. A recent high school graduate told me she had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the constitution and bill of rights. Do you think this school in Maryland is teaching Josh Welch the importance of the second amendment? Of course they’re not. The schools have taken on the role of the cultural change agent.

America, I have told you before that I have witnessed firsthand the leftwing radicalism that is today’s liberal university. Our students are being trained to change the culture from the inside just as Antonio Gramsci had once described. They are targeting our children in an attempt to get them to voluntarily surrender their rights because that is the only way that they can be taken, by teaching them the idea of natural rights is ludicrous and collective rights are better suited for today’s complex world. Yet we still sit and watch as the left gets closer and closer to its ultimate goal of a communist paradise. They have literally gotten away with rewriting the second amendment in a school text book.

When I called this school I asked the administrator on the other end if they could have possibly over reacted a bit. She insisted that they did what was necessary to keep the kids safe. When I asked her about the importance of teaching the bill of rights and the constitution she asked me what my point was. When I told her that these actions were a disgrace to the men and women who have died for her freedom she started getting angry and when I told her how foolish her school looked for doing such a thing she hung up on me. America, the culture has been changed and we are realizing it a day too late! The only way we can change it back is by having the willingness to employ the social activism tactics the left have been employing for years. We have to do what they do folks. Raise hell. We have to ensure that when our kids come home from public schools we are spending the necessary hours with them to undo what damage has been done. We have to drop political correctness at all costs and realize that the future of our families are tied to the future of the nation and her freedom, and that has to take precedence over everything else. If it doesn’t, don’t expect to win this culture war.

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