Monday, December 30, 2013

Contextual Analysis of the Communist Goals......David Risselada

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
13. Do away with all loyalty oaths
17. Get Control of the Schools. Use Them as Transmission Belts for Socialism and Current Communist Propaganda. Get Control of Teachers Associations. Put the Party Line in Text Books.

Most of us are beyond fed up with elected officials who swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution only to watch them stomp all over it. It’s as if oaths have absolutely no meaning to them whatsoever. Why should they? Taking an oath to uphold something is to acknowledge that there is something above you, a greater power if you will that you acknowledge is higher than yourself. Communists, socialists,and collectivists in general don’t believe in anything higher than humanism and moral relativism, so why would they care to uphold an oath to a constitution that guarantees freedom? Besides that it gets in the way of their agenda. Would it shock you to know that one of the  45 declared goals of the communist party is the doing away of all loyalty oaths? Remember, communists need you to lose hope. What better way to get you to lose faith in the system than to watch people you vote for continually violate their oath of office? Eventually, (and it is happening already) an argument would have to be made against the constitution itself because the reason people violate their oath is the constitution "stands in their way" of doing what’s right.  They claim that there argument is so moral and that their intentions are so good that the constitution itself has become the oppressor as it stands in the way of creating the perfect paradise.
How many times have you heard President Obama claim the system that the founders put in place was standing in his way since he has been in office? Take note of the last sentence of goal number 29 stated above.  Over the past year we have seen China issue a report calling our 2nd amendment a threat to human rights and  we have witnessed President Obama blame Mexican drug cartel violence on the 2nd amendment. 
 Discrediting the constitution has become a global game folks because it is the last stronghold of freedom in the world. The goal is to give the illusion that our right to keep and bear arms is an impediment to the ongoing attempts to bring safety to a violent world. Remember, Dostoevsky (quoted in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) said that people will accept anything in place of the current system if they feel hopeless enough. The goals of the left are to present our constitution as something that promotes violence and world conquest. This is why there is so much emphasis on the first and second amendments; these are the two amendments that provide the framework for the entire notion of a free society. By making people believe they have a right to not be “offended,” they discredit the first amendment. By whipping up fear and discontent, they give the impression that the second amendment is the reason there is so much violence.
 These goals, in my opinion do a lot to explain why we have kids walking around in a virtual la-la land, totally clueless about who they are, or why they live in a “free country.” The funny thing about the constitution is that it fits in your back pocket almost unnoticed. It takes a half hour to read and yet people have been “brainwashed” into believing a 2500 page health care law that was never read is the better alternative. This is the effectiveness of communist propaganda. Just to develop the mindset of where we are as a nation educated about the constitution, a college student once told me he wouldn’t read it because it was too long and too complicated.  
While many conservatives would argue that there is reason for hope and optimism amid the colossal failure of Obamacare; without attempting to be too pessimistic I have to ask; what difference has this made? Sure, many people are awakening to the dangers we face created by this administration, and many others are realizing that president Obama has broken one promise after another, this does not change the fact however; that many of the presidents newly found critics are upset because they believe him to be “too conservative.” If they are defining conservative in their sense the way they define it for us; “being too rigid and unwilling to accept new ideas” then I whole heatedly agree, Barrack Obama is too conservative.  I think you realize that this is not what is meant by conservative. They feel that he has not gone far enough to the left. To further demonstrate my point, many people believe that the Democrats are in full panic mode and are in dire fear of their political careers due to their support of Obamacare. If this is the case then how do you explain a republican controlled house capitulating to liberal demands instead of fighting for the principles they were elected to uphold?
The goal of discrediting the constitution has been so successful for the communists that for many people, not only is returning to constitutional governance not an alternative, many people simply don’t know what the constitution says. We can thank the public education system for this. It matters little that people are awakening to the destruction of our nation while the education system continues to teach our children to be willing accomplices in its destruction. Schools are politically correct houses of terror as they do little but teach kids how to act on emotional response and care more about offending someone than standing for truth. Our kids are being inundated with anti second amendment propaganda that in a generation or two we will see people voluntarily surrendering their firearms. In fact, the second amendment has been rewritten in some high school textbooks to give the impression that only government can possess firearms. The goal of taking control of our schools is one the communists have fulfilled very effectively. 
As you can see, if we don’t do something to take back our education system it will not matter how many patriotic up-swellings there are because the communists will just be educating another generation of usefull idiots.  By discrediting our constitution as an impediment  to “progress” they are enlisting the help of those who have been indoctrinated to believe that  solutions to our problems can only be achieved by subverting and avoiding our constitution as opposed to governing by it.

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