Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello America and welcome to the radical conservative, my name is David Risselada. I want to take a moment and explain why I chose the name “radical conservative” for my blog. It certainly isn't because I consider myself to be a right wing radical, right wing to be sure, but not a radical. I believe I have a unique perspective on many of today’s events because I was educated by radical left wingers who taught students about Saul Alinsky, white privilege and an overall acceptance of collectivism as opposed to the ideals of individual liberty that created the highest standard of living the world has ever known. I was witness to an attitude of anti-Americanism in our universities that was so prevalent it led me to do my own research. What I was able to conclude was that there is definitely an agenda that uses our education system and preys upon the ignorance of young generations in effort to condition them to accept tyranny and reject freedom. While much of my own personal experience in the classroom will be discussed in an upcoming eBook, I intend to use the articles I write as a means of connecting current events to the principles of radicalism and communism in an effort to get people to think about the relativity of everything we are witnessing in our nation today.  Many people may be familiar with some of my article as I have been writing for The Save America Foundation, Patriot Update and Freedom Outpost for the past year.

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