Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Does the Government Mistrust its Own Citizens?

"A government that does not trust its law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust."
James Madison
I find this to be very true. I think it is safe to say that the reason they do not trust us with guns is because they have sold us down the river and they know it. The best example I can give to illustrate this truth is just a simple examination of human relationships. What do you care about the guns your neighbor owns? Nothing because you know in your heart and soul you have done nothing to wrong that person. (Let’s leave the insane criminals out of this equation for a moment) Only when one has taken an action against the interests of another is there an inherent mistrust formed. This has little to do with mass shootings and the mainstream and politicians know it. You have to be a fool to not understand the presence of guns in the hands of the good guys would have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook or others like it. Gun control kills and the politicians advocating for gun control will do all in their power to keep you from knowing the truth.
They know the guns will stay in the hands of the criminals, look at the people running our government. They want guns in the hands of criminals because they themselves are criminals. Don’t people have an inherent tendency to congregate with their own kind? This comes down to fear. They know full well our second amendment was written to prevent tyranny. They have to convince people to turn against their own self interest in order to protect theirs. In order to be able to physically disarm us they have to first psychologically disarm us. Fortunately this is still the United States of America and people understand that the right to freedom is God given and the second amendment is written not to grant us freedom but to restrict the government’s power to take it away. The second amendment binds the hands of government and frees the hands of those they would seek to enslave. In order to get this message out people must break free from the grips of political correctness that have grasped the nation.
While we have the majority in numbers and spirit, in activism and direct action we are by far the minority. Understand that right now as you speak your child or grandchild who is attending a public university is being taught that activism, direct action and advocacy are the best methods of affecting social change. They are learning that Saul Alinsky’s radical tactics are appropriate methods for doing this. They are being trained to believe the country we love so dearly is an oppressive war mongering machine as was the desired tactic of the communists in the document known as the Communist peace offensive. At your expense our children are actually learning techniques such as social deviance, and staging mass protests in order to fight for a cause they can’t even describe. I witnessed firsthand our public universities aiding the formation of a local “Occupy Protest".” I say that if these are the methods they are so willing to teach to our kids while keeping them dumbed down to the truth than these are the methods we employ to teach the truth. Failure to do so will lead to our own demise.
If we are not willing to adapt to such methods for love of country when the opposition is willing to push the envelope to its extreme limits out of dire hatred, what chance do we have? Do we have to have an armed insurrection? No, that would be playing right into their hands and aid in their efforts to disarm us because that is the trap they have set. Let them be the aggressors. We simply have to get every red blooded American that has ever been afraid to say what is on their mind for fear of appearing politically incorrect to stand up and say NO MORE. Any thought of successfully winning this struggle is all but destroyed if we cant even muster the resistance to say no. I am quite certain that there enough Americans that still cherish the ideals of liberty. We need every red blooded American to take the argument to the streets and humiliate every self indignant liberal who takes offense to our very presence with facts that cannot be argued with. Thinking people will listen. Most of all this has to be done with the same attitude that liberals and socialist spread their filth. It has to be done no matter the cost. If you are not willing to stand for truth out of fear, than fear has already won and you are a slave. If love for children’s future and freedom cannot motivate you, then all will be lost.

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