Monday, December 23, 2013

Justifying the Death of Innocence.....David Risselada

How safe are we in our own country when people can justify killing a newborn baby simply because it is an inconvenience? Wouldn't that signify that we have crossed some morally reprehensible line where we are saying we have no value at all for the sanctity of human life? Where will we draw the line and say no more? Earlier this year, representatives from Planned Parenthood, (who else) had testified before the congress that they believe mothers who were attempting to have an abortion should retain their rights to kill that baby should it survive the procedure ,and still be born. How have we reached a point where the life of a baby comes second to the convenience of the mother? Over the past 40 years fifty million babies have been aborted and we have been inundated with abortion rights under the guise of it being a woman’s health issue or a women’s right to choose.  The only thing it has done is incrementally change the way we view human life. Our kids are currently being introduced to explicit sexual education where promiscuous sexual behavior is encouraged and homosexuality exploration is viewed in a positive light. Lacking from this education is the responsibility required to engage in such behavior and the fact that abortion has become such a wide spread, accepted practice there is no need to take responsibility. Oh how far we have strayed.
It’s not surprising to see Planned Parenthood advocate for such things. They are known for being the biggest advocates for unrestricted abortion rights for anyone. In some states, because of Planned Parenthood, girls as young as 13 can have an abortion with no legal requirements to contact the parents. Planned Parenthood representatives will also be establishing themselves in clinics in our public schools starting next year. This is according to Chelsea Schilling at ( where she cites parts of President Obama’s health care bill as establishing the authority and funding for them to do so. We have to remember that Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenist by the name of Margaret Sanger whose primary goal was to use abortion to eradicate the black population, in fact these are her own words concerning blacks, immigrants and poor people.
..human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born."  Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people   (
This is the founder of Planned Parenthood. She goes on to say that she believes married couples should be forced to apply for a permit to procreate to ensure they will not produce what she referred to as degenerates.
The idea of live birth abortions is originating in Europe. As is usually the case what happens across the pond will generally find its way over here. Alberto Grubilini and Francesca Minerva argue in The Journal of Medical Ethics that new born babies should not be viewed as human beings because they lack the characteristics and life experience that generally makes one a “person.” They go further by saying that personhood is generally defined by what the person is able to contribute to their own existence without becoming a burden on another. In this case babies are completely dependent upon the parents therefore they cannot contribute and are not considered people. They also argue that parents should be able to kill their children if they are mentally ill or present some form of inconvenience to the parent. ( If they can justify that sort of mentality for the most innocent members of society where does it stop? Surely this has the potential to lead to the dehumanization of millions if not the justification of mass genocide of those that someone else defines as being useless. Conservative white males perhaps?
President Obama, as an Illinois state senator also made it perfectly clear that he is just fine with the after birth abortions. He continually voted to suppress pro life bills and was the only state senator to vote against The Born Alive Infant Protection Act which was introduced specifically to protect the life of babies who had survived botched abortion attempts. In fact in stating his position he argued on the senate floor that babies who had survived abortion attempts and lay on the hospital bed with their hearts beating and lungs pumping should not be considered people.
This makes sense as we have witnessed a shocking campaign of those advocating for Obamacare push the issue of abortion rights to the point of forcing people against their own conscience to cover abortions under their health care plans, particularly in religious organizations. This is a blatant attack on the fundamentals of religious freedom and the conscience of mankind. Yet somehow people see this as being acceptable? What does this say about the way the government will value your life or the life of future generations? If you can justify the death of a baby and find the coldness in your veins to do so you can justify the death of anyone for any reason. As Planned Parenthood continues to advocate for full, live birth abortion rights remember that they may be setting up shop in your school and have access to your children very soon.

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