Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Collectivism vs. Individualism…..Reframing an Argument... David Risselada

Could it be possible that the very ideals we hold dear in this nation are the ones that are actually holding it down? Is individual liberty the tool the socialists are using to separate us from our founding principles? Would a “collective” commitment to understanding our constitution and the benefits of individual liberty be an effective tool against those seeking to divide us?
We all know that there is an insidious movement to transform our society from one of liberty to one of tyranny. Would they be able to do this if we already possessed one of the characteristics they seek to impose on us? What if Americans were not so focused on accomplishing their individual lives and we all understood that our constitutional republic depended on a “collective” understanding of our constitution that we all bore a responsibility of maintaining? I do believe that was the intent. Please do not misread me, I am not advocating for collectivism here just making a point. I am simply observing that because of the nation’s commitment to individualism, the collectivists have found a way to use that which has made our country great, and turn it into our greatest weakness. It’s easy to look at our society today and see these tactics being employed. Multiculturalism, separation of church and state, freedom from religion, flag burning, egalitarianism, these are all misrepresentations of rights and ideas that have been radically misinterpreted to suit an agenda. They are also concepts that have forced us to question our commitment to individual liberty, as was their intent. You can’t say you live in a free country if you can’t “burn a flag” in demonstration of a grievance for example. This is how they turn our values around to suit their purposes. How does a nation truly advocate justice for all if people are not allowed the liberties of their own indigenous cultures? This is the ideal of multiculturalism and it is intended to destroy the nation.
Saul Alinsky says that your opponent can be slaughtered by these tactics and our universities are subversively training their social change agents to employ these “change” strategies. The students are none the wiser because we as parents are too busy to counter balance this. I have given much thought to this subject and I have long believed that a constitutional republic and individual liberty provide the means to a “collective” society in which we all understand the ideals of our nation and the importance of loving our neighbor as we would love ourselves far better than what the socialists are advocating for.
 It’s simple to come to this conclusion when you take into consideration certain truths such as, “you must take care of yourself before you can take care of another.” What this means is when we are free to pursue our own interests and provide for ourselves we are left in a position in which we can look after those that are less fortunate. The natural tendencies of human compassion are in effect and we begin to work towards better ends for society as whole.  The socialist's would have you believe that their ideals of state run utopia, the welfare state, wealth distribution and most importantly the ideal of Marx- “From each of those according to their ability to each of those according to their needs” is a better, more effective solution.
The truth is that socialism breeds selfishness as those that are contributing to society are constantly having more demanded of them in order to meet the needs of those that are unwilling. This harbors a deep resentment as many don’t mind taking care of a deserving poor but are working harder and harder to have their own needs met while there is a segment of society living off of their labor.
Our job is to reframe the argument and make these points to our younger people who are poised to assume leadership positions in the coming decades. How do we do this? How do we turn their argument against them? What weapons do we have in our arsenal when we are living in a time when welfare benefits are worth more than a week’s work? The Marxists have worked strenuously to separate us from our freewill, which many would argue is our natural connection to God. After all, the Marxists are clear in their intent to “Destroy God in the minds of men” in the Communist Manifesto. We have to reattach people to their freewill and re-teach them how to think objectively. We have to prove to them that hard work, saving money and committing to an ideal higher than themselves are the ways to secure their well being and the blessings of liberty. We have to destroy the idea that they are entitled. We have to remind people that our constitution protects the freewill of man to pursue that which will lead to the prosperity of society.  In essence we have to do as they have done, infiltrate and reeducate. Failure to do so will be our undoing.

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